Some Important Functionaries
Mr. Bhogendra Jha

Founder Chairman

Mr. Prabhash Jha

Vice Chairman


Transportation facilities for children

School Hours
School Hours

Class-wise timings of both branches.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations of the school

School Profile

The school set up by an educator MR. B.Jha, has been disseminating the light of learning for close to two decades. It runs classes from L.N(lower nursery) to ISC(Class -12) and follows syllabus of the Council for Indian School Certificate Exams, New Delhi. In the matter of admission all are welcome.

CALCUTTA PUBLIC SCHOOL, well – entrenched in the profound faith of Vivekananda that “all expansion is life, all contraction is death” has been marching with robust optimism of its own. The school articulates this concept in blending the richness of our pristine culture of the past and steady strides in modern science and technology. Here children are inspired to learn something great and glorious from within and nothing is thrust upon them wantonly.


To achieve excellence in education by providing child-centric education and to nurture our student to become concerned, disciplined and responsible citizen and assume (acquire) leadership in diverse fields.


To create a learning environment which encourages students to acquiring mind. The school recognizes that each student is unique and therefore adopts an instruction style suitable for individual need and aspirations. Our school is committed to provide a caring, orderly and supportive environment. We also strive to have our parents, teachers and community members actively involved.

Our Belief : The Parent-Child-Teacher Circle


In the eyes of parents, teachers are the “other parents” of their children. Therefore, parents have (or should have) a legitimate concern about what teachers do with their children.


In the eyes of teachers, parents are the “first teacher” of the student. So teachers have a concern, also legitimate, about what parents do with students when they return home from school.


A student grows up to show the society what he got to learn at home from his parents & what he got to learn at school from his teacher. He becomes what his teachers & parents made him.

Home & School are like two wheels of the bycycle of child development. Both the wheels have to work together & be in sync with eath other, so that the bycycle gets the proper velocity & direction it needs.

The student diary is regular bridge of communication between the teachers and the parents. Parent-Teacher Meeting is convened at intervals for face to face dialogue and exchange of views for the cherished improvement of the ward concerned.

The co-operation of parents in all activities of the school is important as they are part of the school family.

Library & Laboratories
Events & Activities

Besides weekly P.T. classes & Housewise tounaments, Annual Athletic meet are help every alternate session.

Annual School Function are held every alternate session, apart from celebration of many council’s competitions.

Extra – Curricular activities & different club activities feature in school activities on every saturday.

Sports prizes, proficiency prizes,prizes for talent & other prizes are given to students.

Time-to-time educational tours & excursion are arranged. Picnics are arranged every winter.

There are numerous competition like recitation, painting, fancy dress & public speaking among others.

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Results at a glance : Scores of ICSE & ISC Toppers
ICSE & ISC Toppers 2018


 (Class 10)



 (Class 12 )

ICSE & ISC Toppers 2017


 (Class 10)

Sritama Ghosh : 95.8%
Sriman Dutta : 95.6%
Ayush Sharma & Ishita Mundhra : 95%

ISC Science

 (Class 12 Sc.)

Anindita Sarkar : 96%
Ritik Verma : 94.5%
Mainak Kundu : 93.25%

ISC Commerce

 (Class 12 Com.)

Sourav Acharya : 93.2%
Milind Jhunjhunwala : 92%
Nehashirita Dey : 91.5%
ICSE & ISC Toppers 2016


 (Class 10)

Sayak Maji : 97.2%
Samundra Ganguly : 94.8%
Shravan Kumar & Tiyasha Dey : 93.8%

ISC Science

 (Class 12 Sc.)

Jagjeet Kaur Randhawa : 97%
Anubi Mallick : 96.25%
Samriddha Dey : 96%

ISC Commerce

 (Class 12 Com.)

Salini Chand : 96%
Neeraj Jalan : 94.75%
Tushar Shah : 93.5%

Admissions Open

Registration for Admission open to XI (Science, Commerce & Humanities) for the session 2019-20.

All are welcome in the matter of admissions.

Admission Form

Parents/ Guardians may fill out the online admission form available on the website & then submit the hard copy at school office.

Admissions Open

Registration for Admission open to Pre - Primary to IX for the session 2019-20.

All are welcome in the matter of admissions.

Admission Form

Parents/ Guardians may fill out the online admission form available on the website & then submit the hard copy at school office.

Alumni's Corner
Dear Students,
We have enjoyed our association with you and our participation in your growth and development. Your achievements have been our reward. Having nurtured and reared you during your fruitful years with us, we have a continuing interest in your future. It would give us great pleasure to know about the new institution you have joined and the career you have chosen to pursue. We would also want you to let us know how far our love and guidance help you in pursuing your present academic/ professional activities.

Go to Alumni Registration page

Dawn Magazine

Calcutta Public School Publishes its School Magazine DAWN  every academic year where articles, prose, poetry, short stories, drawing etc. of our students are featured.

Please click on the adjoining image image to read the magazine in digital format.

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