School Profile

Calcutta Public School, Baguiati run and managed by “Jha Educational Trust” was set up in 1995. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi. It is a Co-ed English Medium School and runs classes from Lower Nursery to ISC (Class -XII).The school is the brain child of the founder Chairman, Mr. B. Jha.

CALCUTTA PUBLIC SCHOOL, well – entrenched in the profound faith of Vivekananda that “all expansion is life, all contraction is death” has been marching with robust optimism of its own. The school articulates this concept in blending the richness of our pristine culture of the past and steady strides in modern science and technology. Here children are inspired to learn something great and glorious from within and nothing is thrust upon them wantonly.

Our Objectives

People say Miracles happen. We believe in making them happen through:

  • Awakening of the sleeping giant of possibility in your ward.
  • Instilling into your ward’s curious mind a desire how to grow into an accomplished personality and an ideal citizen through good habits, moral values, perseverance, discipline and good character.
  • Providing such facilities that are conducive to the development of all the faculties of his/her moral, mental, physical and emotional setups. Providing most modern devices for academic training.
  • Exploring his/her talents, abilities and possibilities and moulding them in conformity with the demand of times.
  • Preparing your ward for achieving true entrepreneurship.
  • Cultivating in your ward adaptive traits for odds and trials.
  • Impaling tilling that helps your ward in his/her personality development. This covers areas like:
    • Physical adiefiles: (Games, Sports, Yoga, Karate, etc).
    • File Arts: (Vocal and Instrumental Music, Painting, Dramatics, Drawing, etc).
    • Social Service and Mimes*: (Social Service, SUPW, etc.) Skills (Discussions, Debates, Computers, Photography, Creative writing, Leadership Qualities, Quiz, etc).

Our Mission

To achieve excellence in education by providing child-centric education and to nurture our student to become concerned, disciplined and responsible citizen and assume (acquire) leadership in diverse fields.

Our Vision

To create a learning environment which encourages students to acquiring mind. The school recognizes that each student is unique and therefore adopts an instruction style suitable for individual need and aspirations. Our school is committed to provide a caring, orderly and supportive environment. We also strive to have our parents, teachers and community members actively involved.

Class Rooms
ART & Craft Class Room

Our classrooms are child-centered communities conducive to sensorial exploration and discovery. Individualized and independent work meets the needs of a variety of learners while concrete and manipulative materials lead to a sense of mastery and accomplishment.

Pre Primary Class Room 1
Chemistry Lab 1

Teaching Staff

The school has a team of highly qualified, trained and experienced teachers selected purely on merit basis. In primary wing most of the lady teachers are convent educated and kindergarten trained. Nursery classes are dominated by play way method. Special cassettes train the kids in copying correct pronunciation and lilting tunes in rhymes and recitation methods.

In ICSE wing the management has appointed some model hands in key subjects to cater to the educational needs of the pupils so that they can keep abreast of modern trends.

Infrastructure & Facilities

To broaden the horizon of knowledge(of students)school owns a fairly rich library, containing more than 5000 titles, besides widely read journals, both monthly and weekly. The purpose is to expose students to world class books in literature and science.

Computer Laboratory

The school has an up-to-date, richly equipped Computer Lab and boasts a fairly good number of  computers and Internet connection is provided for searching and collecting advanced information. It is functioning under the supervision of qualified trainers who impart training on Computer Applications.

Science Laboratories

The school has three separate laboratories – one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, each being well equipped with standard apparatus, materials and other accessories.

Chairman Speaks


Education involves not only the rearing and training of a child, but also the strengthening of the powers of the body & mind with which the child is born. This is an integral part of development of the faculties lying dormant in humans.

It is the motto of “Calcutta Public School” to impart Quality Education that teaches the students to learn the values of integrity and honesty, to think rationally & to judge logically. In this institution we believe that pursuit of knowledge is not the only aim of education. Staffing of the child with facts related to Science, Literature, History and Geography is useless until we can teach the child how to use this knowledge. Thus, acquisition of knowledge from books is not enough. One must be taught how to modify and mould this knowledge to suit one’s need. Knowledge must be acquired with the mission of using it not only for one’s own benefit but also for the uplift of the society & prosperity of the country.

Though success in life is the ultimate goal of education, yet success is not to be achieved at the cost of the basic values. Person who can rightly understand what is to be attained and what is to be abandoned is fit to be defined as a man of character. Thus “Calcutta Public School” aims at building up the character and personality of the students, for we believe that the essence of education lies in the development of a well rounded personality that combines the virtues of strength and humility. In fact, a child, like a seed, has a bundle of faculties hidden in him. It is the teacher, the gardener who has to nourish, protect and help the child grow to the full in order to be a good citizen.

Principal Speaks

Our school is a special place where the students, teachers and guardians work together to establish an atmosphere ideal for the development of the personalities of the children. Consequently, our students have made a marks in their chosen vocations, be it in the field of education, public service, as sportsmen, in liberal arts or in the fields of engineering and medicines. The pains that we take in their grooming show in the blossoming of their talents in diverse fields.

We are already recognized as one of the premier schools in the comity of schools not only in Kolkata but in the eastern region of the country as a whole. Our students secure consistently brilliant results in ICSE and ISC examinations making all of us proud, year after year.

Our teachers are all specialists in their respective fields and take utmost care to ensure that the diverse student community benefit from their expert handling. Our role as a teacher is varied, it is not solely to impart knowledge, it is to inspire, motivate, develop self belief frameworks, help the students to experience and to inspire them to be creative, and using that creativity find solutions of their own. We are more of a facilitator than the old fashioned class room teachers. We are forever bringing in newer concepts in teaching commensurate with the requirements of an ever changing and evolving society.